Location: Nairobi Railways Museum.

Date: Sunday 24Th April 2016.

Time: 10AM-5PM.

Charges: 700 Ksh. only

Services: 10 Edited pictures,free make up & model sign-up.

Make-Up by: @Nonzamo

Dressing and Accessories by: @WomanCity  and @Lisaclassique

Photography by: @Houseofmayoh crew.

-Carry three(3) T-shirts of colours(black/red/white) of your choice for the special shoot, to celebrate all the courageous mums since it’s a #CeasserianAwarenessMonth

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With Corruption a bag of pure water was Ksh.680
Without Corruption a bottle of pure water is Ksh. 30
With Corruption dollar was Ksh.125
Without Corruption dollar is Ksh.78
With Corruption I have 20hrs electricity at low tariff
Without Corruption I have 7hrs electricity
with 45% increase in tariff
With Corruption “nduthi” to my house takes Ksh. 50
Without Corruption “nduthi” to my house takes Ksh. 100
With Corruption smallest indomie was Ksh. 40
Without Corruption smallest indomie is Ksh. 60
The list can go on and on but I just have to end it and take a stand……
# IStandWithCorruption

Surely, we need corruption in this country…



This day, December 26, is a full one! It’s the day after Christmas … Boxing Day (traditional day to give gifts to one’s inferiors/servants) … the Feast of St. Stephen … first day of Kwanzaa … and the First Day of Christmas—has your true love delivered your partridge yet?
And it’s traditionally the day when Duke Wenceslaus from Bohemia (a Czech province) went walking in the snow, met a poor man, and proved he was a saint by providing warm footprints for his page to walk in. Because of this (which supposedly occurred in the 10th century), Holy Roman Emperor Otto I gave him regal authority posthumously.
I’ve always loved the story: the kindly king, the chilly pageboy, the totally unlikely miracle—wouldn’t the snow melt if the footprints were warm?
Stephen, by the way, was the first Christian martyr. He was a deacon in charge of making sure the Greek and Jewish widows were given equal treatment. He died echoing Jesus: “Do not hold this sin against them!”


And Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, ascended to heaven, and seated at the right hand of the Father, rose to greet Stephen when he went Home (Acts 7:56).
Have a beautiful day!

X – MASS Santa

But when the kindness and love of God our saviour appeared,He saved us not because of righteous things we had done,but because of His MERCY. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Saviour,so that, having been justified by His grace,we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. (Titus3:4-7). Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace to men on whom His favour rests.(luke2:14).
Sometimes, faith moves mountains. I know for sure i will most likely touch your heart with my next article about my xmass vines.
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So you can widely confuse your mind with the sweetness and aroma of my pizza xmass.
Just stay here…to read the next blog.

Turn stones into bread..

Signed by me IG @mayienga_leaks with a quotation from the Holy Bible.


…. Do not worry about the size of a woman buttock or breast but worry about the size of her heart and brain. Worry about the size of her love and endurance. Because after 5 or
10 years, it will not be about the breast or buttock.
As you can see, your mum now has a flat chest and almost flat buttock but we still live together happily, I still love her and she still love me.
Be careful of a woman that loves money. I mean the woman that talks ‘every time’ about her hair, cloths, shoes, bags panties and make-ups. Marriage is not all about these things. Without make-up, cloths, shoes and panties a good marriage will still stand but without love, no marriage can stand.
When I got married to your mum, I didn’t have a car or house of my own. I was not even educated. But I had dreams and she appreciate and support me. Any woman that does not support your dream is not worth thinking- a-minute about. There are women that will see your dreams better than you, you are lucky if you find one, My son, open your ears very well, there is a kind of woman you should avoid, do not make a mistake to marry this kind of woman or you will regret it. I mean a woman that always has bad things to say about everyone. If you see this kind of woman, run away. One of the worst kind of woman you can marry is the one that complains about everything. If you buy this, she says you should have bought that, if you do this, she said you should have done that. Please stay away!
Most women enjoy talking but the one who talks for two hours and listen for two minutes is a potential ‘bomb’. Be wise
Be very careful of a pretending partner. A pretending woman is not hard to know. She will always know everything about everything, she will be careful. Just close your eyes and open your heart and you will see!
No woman is perfect. If you see a woman who believes in your dream , who respects you who is committed and who is not all about herself alone then don’t let her go.


Good story


Mama sat on her wood and raffia palm bed and pondered over what she had heard papa and his friend discuss. She hadn’t been too shocked at the discovery and quite frankly, she had half expected it. Hadn’t Papa made it clear, just some weeks after her conception, that he would take a new wife if this pregnancy turned out like the last two. Even though it hadn’t, a part of mama still expected the worst. What Papa really meant to say was “if you don’t give me a boy this time, I will have to take a new wife” and mama knew it all too clearly.
She knew when Eneojo came into the compound. She had heard voices and since papa hadn’t been talking much lately, she knew it had to be one of his closest friends that had come calling. She had tiptoed towards the main entrance and…

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So it has been quite a while mmm, i know so…
At times, do you ask yourself what i also do ask myself? Let me hope yes you do, world over, we have had criminals and not just that, bandits if i can put it so.🗿
I have read and watched movies📀 of this guy famously known as Pablo Escobar, jeez😈😈 this guy did things which usually amaze me and i would like to see guys who come from nothing and struggle all the way up to something (as commonly sung by Drake “Started from the bottom now we here”) :mrgreen::mrgreen:. That guy was a k♞ng in his own world.


Now focus here, Escobar was a bandit…he killed, lived flamboyantly and large, entwined in Sexual relationships with as many beautiful and popular women as he wished, not forgetting that he had a wife and kids at home.

Now, where does salt and bag come from? 😨😨 cool my guy 😎 i know, salt ehehehe, eazzy…
I like salt, and the power it has, not so certain of the science behind it but, salt is salt to me…it kills and makes it difficult for animals such as snails and insects such as house flies to have a rough time.
Salt is salt indeed,


So i think, maturity and originality should salvage us.

Kenyan Blogger : Reina Kimeu

Hi guys. How have you been? I had missed you. I have met some of you over the past couple of weeks and I am grateful for all of your good feedback and words of encouragement. I have had a crazy couple of weeks.What I have been up to? Mhhh! I have been coming up with concepts for the next couple of posts, I had a series of photo shoots with the talented Kabutha Kago. I spent a whole week with the #semanami crew, doing styling for the show’s presenter, Neomi Nganga, a radio personality, actress and TV personality.

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There is one thing i used to hear people say and indeed it was so difficult on them, judging by the looks on their visages, them talking about ulcers.
The morning pains, in between meals and the most of all the bachaches which tear through your waist joint as if a hot, sharp blade has been passed through the backbone is just too much to put one down, the vomiting, loss of appetite and indeed the bleeding.
Ulcers is indeed a really pain wieldered emblement.
It is indeed a real battle, cause the struggle is just out of place.
Then, the medication…yack!! The antacids have to be taken to ease pain and heal it. Did i mention how bitter the dosage drugs are?😭😭
With ulcers you have to do away with other dishes, you have to take clean water perhaps since unwashed hands, uncooked food lead to its spread.
The worse is, those in a relationship with the “bottle” have to do without it totally or reduce the intake to three bottles a day for men and two for women.
Smoking now is indeed worse. It can lead to cancer. And that makes it more worse.
Indeed, ulcers is unimaginable but so hard and painfull to deal with.
The pain is reall!!!! Avoid stress!!!  Laugh, be happy and keep tidy.
Real struggler and ulcer victim.
Check out my next article.