Abbys Of Passion

With wind whipping her thoughts at breakneck speeds
she is running

she is running
trackstar hurdling the truth
there is no finish line

she is running
long-jump champion
vaulting her wall of pain
no records have been broken

she is running
through ashes

wild horses cannot breathe
with dust flying in their nostrils
with madmen & lassos gripping the air like asthma

she runs
like a blind cheetah
chasing the sound of food

if u love her
help her
if you care for her
help her slow down
to face the truth
stop to breathe

corner her
cover all exits
set up roadblocks in the street
dont let her get away from herself

you will know her if she passes

look for the eyes holding rain
like heavy clouds

follow the trail of cocaine lines
dead children
empty liquor bottles
& her own skin/her blood

dying antelope running toward the vultures
willing prey/willing prey
let us all pray
ask God for assistance
ask the spirits
ask ancestors
ask mothers
ask fathers

life is caught in her throat
death is stuck in her throat
she is not breathing

she is running

trackstar/long-jump champion
wild horse/blind cheetah
dying antelope
& if somebody doesnt do something
she will run
all the way to the edge of herself & jump.


“I know i feel coz i feel i know”_©Mayienga_leaks


Sense Of Art (Sensual)

Boudoir photography: the ultimate treat.

What do you give a significant other who has it all? Classy, yet provocative images of your beautiful self, of course! Boudoir photographs are a great gift you can enjoy together in the bedroom, far from the prying eyes of kids and visitors. It’s also handy if your soul mate travels a lot for work. But most of all, a boudoir photo shoot is an opportunity for you to let your hair down and have fun. The pictures will be a huge confidence boost for yourself. Worried about what goes behind the scenes? We’re lifting the veil!


It’s art!
Many people take a judgmental tone as soon as they hear ‘boudoir.’ They think sleazy basement, dingy hotel rooms and porn. Too bad, because like any other form of photography, boudoir photographs are a form of artistic expression. Like with any other photoshoot, the photographer and stylist are there to do their work according to the highest professional standards. There is nothing creepy about the situation and each and every client is treated with the utmost respect. Whether you are fully clothed or stark naked, the photographer and stylist have only one goal:

to make you look your best. Trust them.

All genders, shapes and sizes
Boudoir photo shoots are for men and women; any age, shape and size. People often think that only men love to receive sensual pictures, but women also enjoy seeing their significant other from a more intimate angle. Beautiful and sexy doesn’t just fit one mold- everyone is sensual in their own way. Still worried about your wobbly bits? Talk to your photographer and stylist. They are professionals who can help you enhance your best features with styling and poses. Once you know that’s taken care of, you can forget about your little insecurities and have fun. Boudoir photoshoots are a treat for you and your partner (if you have one), so come beaming with excitement and confidence.
To bare or not to bare?


Most boudoir photo shoots involve lingerie, however how much you bare is up to you. You can opt for a natural, fresh look and have only the contours of your body photographed. As a female, you can opt for the sexy, smoldering, femme-fatale look, which requires lots of make-up, props and suitable clothing. Risqué and erotic style photography is considered a work of art and treated with the required professionalism. However, you don’t need to go naked if you are not comfortable. Sensual can be expressed in a variety of ways and not all include nudity. Boudoir photographers photograph clients in full attire as well as in nothing but a pair of heels or boots with the same result: classy, sexy images.


Prep your body and mind
Confidence makes the difference between stunning images and bland ones. Make sure you are fully relaxed and confident on the day of the shoot. If shopping for exciting lingerie and accessories relaxes you, by all means. For a quick confidence boost just before the photo shoot, book a few beauty treatments, such as a massage, waxing session, manicure and pedicure. Whatever you do to get ready, make sure you bring a good variety of items to your shoot so you, your photographer and stylist have plenty of options to choose from.


No spectators:
Apart from your photographer and stylist, most photo shoots are best done without spectators. How else can you expect to relax, overcome any shyness about your body, and follow specific posing directions? When more eyes are watching people tend to become shy or get distracted. Give your full concentration to the photo shoot instead of worrying what your chaperone might think or if he or she is bored.

Bridal boudoir:
Congratulations- you’re getting married. Most weddings are centered on the bride. Brides can make up for it by surprising their partner with a special bridal boudoir gift that will make his jaw drop all over again on the wedding night. Bring your wedding lingerie, garter, shoes, stockings, veil and jewelry to create your wedding night look. You can also mix it up by covering a range of styles, such as pin-up or soft and girlie.
There’s a boudoir look for any occasion. Book yours today!

Instagram: @boudoir_kenya

A big thanks and motivation to the team from #boudoirkenya @boudoirkenya for using their pictures and the motivation to do this


I now conquer..

MODELS A.F.I.A(What it takes)

How to model and what is needed to become a model?
There are no set rules on how to be a model and this will be different depending on what kind of modeling you choose to do.
What are the ABCs of starting out as a model?
1. Know yourself and your strengths. It’s very important to know what you’re able to do and what you want to do as a model. Many models end up working as models accidentally or by chance, while others work hard to become models. In either case, it’s good to be aware of what it takes to work as a professional model. You can always try out modeling schools or classes where they teach you everything from how to pose to being more confident.

2. Decide what type of modeling you would like to do. There are many different kinds of modeling that you can do as a model, and that’s why it’s advisable to have a sense of direction as to where you want to take your career as a model and where you think your strengths lie. Commercial modeling, Catalogue modeling, Fashion modeling, Photo modeling, Glamour modeling, runway modeling, etc are just some of the categories you can choose from. Remember there’s no harm in belonging to more than one category, only your strengths determine what you can do and the more versatile you are the wider your market.

3. Take some photos of yourself and build a portfolio. Look for a professional photographer to ensure good quality photos. In case you cannot afford to pay a professional photographer to take your photos, ask someone you know to take some good and clear head and body shots.


4. Look for a good modeling agency. Search online and select the agencies that you think match the type of modeling you are looking to do. If you are still unsure as to what type of modeling appeals to you the most, you can still contact an agency. They are very ready to help aspiring models who are in need of direction with their careers and want to learn how to model. Remember to only choose legitimate agencies.

5. Visit an agency. Contact the agency either by telephone or by email and make an appointment to see them in person. Remember that first impressions are very important, so always aim to look your best and be prepared for any questions they might have for you.
If and when you are successful and chosen for a modeling job, you will be directed as much as needed and with time and experience you will build your confidence as a model and know how to model like a pro.


Hope You Enjoyed This Post.

Photo Credits to @peter_pekat.

Instagram: @mayienga_leaks
Twitter: @vqeemayienga


Its perhaps very true how most people think the fashion world moves. Its perhaps very difficult to have a chance and be there to witness what happens in the inner circle of a product before it is finally completed and working begins.



One thing you all not sure about, is how blog can be intertwined in the web and becomes a fashion brand as well as product in the market. I like one creative sense. You know you can teach a model how to fish but you cant teach the same model how to eat the fish.



Now the torture in this bit is, when the performance is not clearly seen. Its not possible to make it through to a global market when an inside job like putting the right conception of performance is not visible. Its purely true but not exactly true….


Identify the torture in the next article,



Probably i am more optimistic about what am about to bring your attention. By the way truth be told, jungle-themed photoshoot is one area i can term as a “hotbed” of ideas and creativity for models and photographers alike…i guess that has sunk in now??


I probably would say that nature is indeed hilarious in a way…(focus now:mrgreen::mrgreen:). Mixture of art, flowers, rocks, lake scenery and the woods. That is what i wanna tackle.


Feel the scent from the flowers? If not hilarious and full of nice scent on breathing it in, then i will assume you lack the sence of smell…sure, consult your Doc:o:o…(back here) doing a shoot in the wild and on this case we did it on a small thicket is one breath taking tusk. Love of flowers is indeed a one of a thing to analyze.


You know shoes are indeed one of the necessities for us beings in this century unlike our ancestors’ ages ago. This lady i would name below there👇👇 really intertwined that act of footwear, aren’t they amazing? Ofcourse they are. The shoe depict an animal texture and that combination with the greens, the rocks just makes this super awesome…


The vintage mixture and the beauty of landscape clearly makes it easy to know the exact potential of jungle photography. Let me throw this challenge, rocks have different forms, texture, color, sizes and originate from different ages. Now when the rock texture makes that shot ectastic then you will indeed know how theme works out wonders for a well planned photography session.


The humble background, the bold colors, the fine texture etc etc just makes it a wide range of creativity and actual beauty in appreciation of nature when dealing with a jungle theme. Try it out in a setting that is easier to handle and get back to me, informing me if i was indeed i was right.

Make sure to check my next article on more themes.
Big thanks to Clara for making this go through well.
Photography by; @van_albert_photography


I probably met this guy sometime back, and talk of artwork….mmm yea his works are super gifted.
I know, that feeling going in your head right now♜♜♜♞ funny. Am talking about photography.
The guy am talking about is @van_albert_photography i tell you this guy does it with much positive energy that #clientsatisfaction makes it top of his lists.


Yea that is just the cooking point of his work that before you meet him, you will probably link him to advanced age, 👻👻 that aside this guy is young, passionate and his love for art is just out of this world.
Look at this amazing piece and find it in your heart, to explain to me that its not #clientsatisfaction🐽🐽


Most probably that piece is perfectly combined and allows room for creativity and what more could a client ask for if not for these…


Now i call that, super creativity. I term that perfectivity.
I dont want to quench all your thirst before we finish the long chit-chat.
Just follow his Instagram handle @van_albert_photography to check his work and @houseofmayom.
Sure client satisfaction should be a suitor to us all.
Photocredits: Albert Edwin.