Abbys Of Passion

With wind whipping her thoughts at breakneck speeds
she is running

she is running
trackstar hurdling the truth
there is no finish line

she is running
long-jump champion
vaulting her wall of pain
no records have been broken

she is running
through ashes

wild horses cannot breathe
with dust flying in their nostrils
with madmen & lassos gripping the air like asthma

she runs
like a blind cheetah
chasing the sound of food

if u love her
help her
if you care for her
help her slow down
to face the truth
stop to breathe

corner her
cover all exits
set up roadblocks in the street
dont let her get away from herself

you will know her if she passes

look for the eyes holding rain
like heavy clouds

follow the trail of cocaine lines
dead children
empty liquor bottles
& her own skin/her blood

dying antelope running toward the vultures
willing prey/willing prey
let us all pray
ask God for assistance
ask the spirits
ask ancestors
ask mothers
ask fathers

life is caught in her throat
death is stuck in her throat
she is not breathing

she is running

trackstar/long-jump champion
wild horse/blind cheetah
dying antelope
& if somebody doesnt do something
she will run
all the way to the edge of herself & jump.


“I know i feel coz i feel i know”_©Mayienga_leaks


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