I found the new Ron Howard directed film, In The Heart Of The Sea to be reasonably entertaining, a good but not great film. Because of mediocre reviews I wasn’t expecting too much but found the real life tale that supposedly was the inspiration used by Herman Melville to write Moby Dick to be better than expected, particularly the first part of the film. Set in 1820, it is a time where whale oil is one of the world’s most precious commodities. Wooden ships like the Essex whose voyage we follow chase all over the world to hunt and kill whales for the oil. I was actually fascinated by the way the ship functioned, long before radar, life jackets, the Coast Guard or any other modern feature we take for granted in today’s travel on water. These ships would stay out to sea for long periods of time, even years to fill their hold with oil before returning. The story is told in a flashback by one of the crew who is telling the story to Melville. The main character is Chris Hemsworth, the first mate of the Essex, who actually should be the captain. We watch the Essex at work until their encounter with the white whale at which point the film becomes more of a survival film and that’s where I thought the film began to lose steam. In any event, it was decent entertainment and once again the 3D technology added to the overall viewing experience. Not too many people in the theater, never a good sign on the opening weekend, but I can still recommend the film and rate it three stars.


The next film I’ll be seeing is the new Star Wars film next Saturday and, unlike this film, expectations for this epic are about as high as one can hope for. I am hoping that J.J. Abrams can work the same magic with Star Wars that he did with his reboot of the Star Trek film series. May the force be with him!
So it is still shaky news that a Kenyan actor Lupita is featured…of course i have bumpy moves to watch this woman do her star humper on this.


Love for this historic and miraculous adventure, Hollywood has created for the human kind.

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