PG: Content herein is harmful for young adults
It was just yesterdays, that we met…It’s been really “Real” right here for we. Thought this urge to just pursue other stuffs that came into my mind was real, but indeed it was just an urge.
Indeed some stuff shouldn’t be ignored at all. The awesome moments of truth just make the stars look beautiful outside. You imagine those days you are a little tipsy then, there it goes like ‘ba-am’.
You just sit there in awe feeling a pang of sorrow cutting through your heart like, ‘so good people still exist’. That pang I wanna name it most probably love for the benefit of doubt.
Put on that short dress that I like coz I just wanna have some fun, coz some nights are real and we feel like we young again.
I love Cookies by the way…if not so tender, so sweet, so munch and tasty… Cookies really humble my inner being. I was weak and just pretended to be me; cookies made me feel this way. Those upsetting ideas of it running out of stock are unbearable.
Trust something new tonight, am about to lose my mind. Am on top of my bar, am feeling you inside me. You got me speechless; you know what you did to me? You made it be real… try and stay young.
I just wanna feel your body on me. All that matters is your fine torso lying right there beside me making my heart beat cease cause you just fine and amazing.
Talk of your eyes that make me cry a river cause they just sparkle and shine some ray of aptitude on my mind…like are you for real…
(Gasping) Your body is so insane that the explanation I have given is past much of what I could call it. Damn “thang” you have a beautiful body.
Just imagine this dedication was real and me not out of my stupor of sleep after guzzling this kinywaji?
MMM AH, gani Leo.
To Cookie…



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