Abbys Of Passion

With wind whipping her thoughts at breakneck speeds
she is running

she is running
trackstar hurdling the truth
there is no finish line

she is running
long-jump champion
vaulting her wall of pain
no records have been broken

she is running
through ashes

wild horses cannot breathe
with dust flying in their nostrils
with madmen & lassos gripping the air like asthma

she runs
like a blind cheetah
chasing the sound of food

if u love her
help her
if you care for her
help her slow down
to face the truth
stop to breathe

corner her
cover all exits
set up roadblocks in the street
dont let her get away from herself

you will know her if she passes

look for the eyes holding rain
like heavy clouds

follow the trail of cocaine lines
dead children
empty liquor bottles
& her own skin/her blood

dying antelope running toward the vultures
willing prey/willing prey
let us all pray
ask God for assistance
ask the spirits
ask ancestors
ask mothers
ask fathers

life is caught in her throat
death is stuck in her throat
she is not breathing

she is running

trackstar/long-jump champion
wild horse/blind cheetah
dying antelope
& if somebody doesnt do something
she will run
all the way to the edge of herself & jump.


“I know i feel coz i feel i know”_©Mayienga_leaks


Sense Of Art (Sensual)

Boudoir photography: the ultimate treat.

What do you give a significant other who has it all? Classy, yet provocative images of your beautiful self, of course! Boudoir photographs are a great gift you can enjoy together in the bedroom, far from the prying eyes of kids and visitors. It’s also handy if your soul mate travels a lot for work. But most of all, a boudoir photo shoot is an opportunity for you to let your hair down and have fun. The pictures will be a huge confidence boost for yourself. Worried about what goes behind the scenes? We’re lifting the veil!


It’s art!
Many people take a judgmental tone as soon as they hear ‘boudoir.’ They think sleazy basement, dingy hotel rooms and porn. Too bad, because like any other form of photography, boudoir photographs are a form of artistic expression. Like with any other photoshoot, the photographer and stylist are there to do their work according to the highest professional standards. There is nothing creepy about the situation and each and every client is treated with the utmost respect. Whether you are fully clothed or stark naked, the photographer and stylist have only one goal:

to make you look your best. Trust them.

All genders, shapes and sizes
Boudoir photo shoots are for men and women; any age, shape and size. People often think that only men love to receive sensual pictures, but women also enjoy seeing their significant other from a more intimate angle. Beautiful and sexy doesn’t just fit one mold- everyone is sensual in their own way. Still worried about your wobbly bits? Talk to your photographer and stylist. They are professionals who can help you enhance your best features with styling and poses. Once you know that’s taken care of, you can forget about your little insecurities and have fun. Boudoir photoshoots are a treat for you and your partner (if you have one), so come beaming with excitement and confidence.
To bare or not to bare?


Most boudoir photo shoots involve lingerie, however how much you bare is up to you. You can opt for a natural, fresh look and have only the contours of your body photographed. As a female, you can opt for the sexy, smoldering, femme-fatale look, which requires lots of make-up, props and suitable clothing. Risqué and erotic style photography is considered a work of art and treated with the required professionalism. However, you don’t need to go naked if you are not comfortable. Sensual can be expressed in a variety of ways and not all include nudity. Boudoir photographers photograph clients in full attire as well as in nothing but a pair of heels or boots with the same result: classy, sexy images.


Prep your body and mind
Confidence makes the difference between stunning images and bland ones. Make sure you are fully relaxed and confident on the day of the shoot. If shopping for exciting lingerie and accessories relaxes you, by all means. For a quick confidence boost just before the photo shoot, book a few beauty treatments, such as a massage, waxing session, manicure and pedicure. Whatever you do to get ready, make sure you bring a good variety of items to your shoot so you, your photographer and stylist have plenty of options to choose from.


No spectators:
Apart from your photographer and stylist, most photo shoots are best done without spectators. How else can you expect to relax, overcome any shyness about your body, and follow specific posing directions? When more eyes are watching people tend to become shy or get distracted. Give your full concentration to the photo shoot instead of worrying what your chaperone might think or if he or she is bored.

Bridal boudoir:
Congratulations- you’re getting married. Most weddings are centered on the bride. Brides can make up for it by surprising their partner with a special bridal boudoir gift that will make his jaw drop all over again on the wedding night. Bring your wedding lingerie, garter, shoes, stockings, veil and jewelry to create your wedding night look. You can also mix it up by covering a range of styles, such as pin-up or soft and girlie.
There’s a boudoir look for any occasion. Book yours today!

Instagram: @boudoir_kenya

A big thanks and motivation to the team from #boudoirkenya @boudoirkenya for using their pictures and the motivation to do this


I now conquer..


This day, December 26, is a full one! It’s the day after Christmas … Boxing Day (traditional day to give gifts to one’s inferiors/servants) … the Feast of St. Stephen … first day of Kwanzaa … and the First Day of Christmas—has your true love delivered your partridge yet?
And it’s traditionally the day when Duke Wenceslaus from Bohemia (a Czech province) went walking in the snow, met a poor man, and proved he was a saint by providing warm footprints for his page to walk in. Because of this (which supposedly occurred in the 10th century), Holy Roman Emperor Otto I gave him regal authority posthumously.
I’ve always loved the story: the kindly king, the chilly pageboy, the totally unlikely miracle—wouldn’t the snow melt if the footprints were warm?
Stephen, by the way, was the first Christian martyr. He was a deacon in charge of making sure the Greek and Jewish widows were given equal treatment. He died echoing Jesus: “Do not hold this sin against them!”


And Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, ascended to heaven, and seated at the right hand of the Father, rose to greet Stephen when he went Home (Acts 7:56).
Have a beautiful day!

X – MASS Santa

But when the kindness and love of God our saviour appeared,He saved us not because of righteous things we had done,but because of His MERCY. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Saviour,so that, having been justified by His grace,we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. (Titus3:4-7). Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace to men on whom His favour rests.(luke2:14).
Sometimes, faith moves mountains. I know for sure i will most likely touch your heart with my next article about my xmass vines.
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So you can widely confuse your mind with the sweetness and aroma of my pizza xmass.
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Turn stones into bread..

Signed by me IG @mayienga_leaks with a quotation from the Holy Bible.



Sex is an important element in marriage and until there is sexual intercourse between a husband and a wife, the marriage is not yet spiritually recognised. This shows how important sex is in marriage.

When you look at how agressive men are towards sex you may think that what a man needs from a woman is sex. Of course, if he has not married you yet or he does not really intend to marry you what he will need from you is nothing above your body. But if he really intends to marry you or if you guys are already married sex is never what he needs from you – maybe let me say it better; “WHAT A MAN NEEDS MOST FROM A WOMAN IS NOT SEX.”


Many young girls think because they are sexually active and experience they will easily be married and have their husbands loving them. And when a man approaches for marriage they think the greatest asset they have to show the man is sex. Others also think once they are giving out their bodies it means they are giving out the best for which reason they will be chosen above all.

There is this young girl who is very beautiful and sexually active. Due to that she thought sex is all that matters to a man. Ironically, she struggled for long before finally getting married. Her sexual dexterity could not win her the heart of a man until out of the blue and reason beyong imagination a very handsome good man married her. The wedding was grand and her tears were now gone. Unfortunately only a year after the wedding the marriage fell on rocks. Within five years three different men came her way but none could stay.

The problem was simple. She thought sex was all that matters so she would never submit. But submission is what men need, not sex. It is time for our young ladies to know that when a man is ready to marry he will not look out for a woman who will satisfy his sex drive but a woman who will submit herself to him. Excuse my language, “every woman has vagina but not every woman has humility.” So when you are a humble woman, you are an expensive jewelry. And a man of integrity will fear to lose you.

What does the holy book say, “wife, submit to your husband.” The reason is that a man’s true love goes out only for a woman who is submissive. Your beauty cannot make another woman ugly but your humility can let him love you above all other women.

Sadly, many youngs ladies in our days call submission as “control.” And you will hear them saying in tiny romantic voices, “As for me I don’t want any man to control me oh.” If you don’t want to submit don’t think of marriage because no man in his right sense will offer his love to a woman whose heart is higher than his height, no matter how short he may be.

When a woman bows her knee before a man, the man will automatically bow his heart before her love. And love her sincerely. There are, of course, recalcitrant men who will not value women of humility but I tell you that every true man does not need sex, but submission. It is submission that truly makes you a romantic wife. So be the African queen you want to be but when it comes to dealing with your husband, play the role of a humble maid. Don’t forget that it is the spirit of humility that has caused many maids to hijack their mistresses’ husbands. Be your man’s queen and be his maid also.

I wish you all the best as you submit in your relationship and marriage. May God bless you with good marriage, my dear sister.

Make the best out of it…check out my next article this season.

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I found the new Ron Howard directed film, In The Heart Of The Sea to be reasonably entertaining, a good but not great film. Because of mediocre reviews I wasn’t expecting too much but found the real life tale that supposedly was the inspiration used by Herman Melville to write Moby Dick to be better than expected, particularly the first part of the film. Set in 1820, it is a time where whale oil is one of the world’s most precious commodities. Wooden ships like the Essex whose voyage we follow chase all over the world to hunt and kill whales for the oil. I was actually fascinated by the way the ship functioned, long before radar, life jackets, the Coast Guard or any other modern feature we take for granted in today’s travel on water. These ships would stay out to sea for long periods of time, even years to fill their hold with oil before returning. The story is told in a flashback by one of the crew who is telling the story to Melville. The main character is Chris Hemsworth, the first mate of the Essex, who actually should be the captain. We watch the Essex at work until their encounter with the white whale at which point the film becomes more of a survival film and that’s where I thought the film began to lose steam. In any event, it was decent entertainment and once again the 3D technology added to the overall viewing experience. Not too many people in the theater, never a good sign on the opening weekend, but I can still recommend the film and rate it three stars.


The next film I’ll be seeing is the new Star Wars film next Saturday and, unlike this film, expectations for this epic are about as high as one can hope for. I am hoping that J.J. Abrams can work the same magic with Star Wars that he did with his reboot of the Star Trek film series. May the force be with him!
So it is still shaky news that a Kenyan actor Lupita is featured…of course i have bumpy moves to watch this woman do her star humper on this.


Love for this historic and miraculous adventure, Hollywood has created for the human kind.

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MODELS A.F.I.A(What it takes)

How to model and what is needed to become a model?
There are no set rules on how to be a model and this will be different depending on what kind of modeling you choose to do.
What are the ABCs of starting out as a model?
1. Know yourself and your strengths. It’s very important to know what you’re able to do and what you want to do as a model. Many models end up working as models accidentally or by chance, while others work hard to become models. In either case, it’s good to be aware of what it takes to work as a professional model. You can always try out modeling schools or classes where they teach you everything from how to pose to being more confident.

2. Decide what type of modeling you would like to do. There are many different kinds of modeling that you can do as a model, and that’s why it’s advisable to have a sense of direction as to where you want to take your career as a model and where you think your strengths lie. Commercial modeling, Catalogue modeling, Fashion modeling, Photo modeling, Glamour modeling, runway modeling, etc are just some of the categories you can choose from. Remember there’s no harm in belonging to more than one category, only your strengths determine what you can do and the more versatile you are the wider your market.

3. Take some photos of yourself and build a portfolio. Look for a professional photographer to ensure good quality photos. In case you cannot afford to pay a professional photographer to take your photos, ask someone you know to take some good and clear head and body shots.


4. Look for a good modeling agency. Search online and select the agencies that you think match the type of modeling you are looking to do. If you are still unsure as to what type of modeling appeals to you the most, you can still contact an agency. They are very ready to help aspiring models who are in need of direction with their careers and want to learn how to model. Remember to only choose legitimate agencies.

5. Visit an agency. Contact the agency either by telephone or by email and make an appointment to see them in person. Remember that first impressions are very important, so always aim to look your best and be prepared for any questions they might have for you.
If and when you are successful and chosen for a modeling job, you will be directed as much as needed and with time and experience you will build your confidence as a model and know how to model like a pro.


Hope You Enjoyed This Post.

Photo Credits to @peter_pekat.

Instagram: @mayienga_leaks
Twitter: @vqeemayienga


…. Do not worry about the size of a woman buttock or breast but worry about the size of her heart and brain. Worry about the size of her love and endurance. Because after 5 or
10 years, it will not be about the breast or buttock.
As you can see, your mum now has a flat chest and almost flat buttock but we still live together happily, I still love her and she still love me.
Be careful of a woman that loves money. I mean the woman that talks ‘every time’ about her hair, cloths, shoes, bags panties and make-ups. Marriage is not all about these things. Without make-up, cloths, shoes and panties a good marriage will still stand but without love, no marriage can stand.
When I got married to your mum, I didn’t have a car or house of my own. I was not even educated. But I had dreams and she appreciate and support me. Any woman that does not support your dream is not worth thinking- a-minute about. There are women that will see your dreams better than you, you are lucky if you find one, My son, open your ears very well, there is a kind of woman you should avoid, do not make a mistake to marry this kind of woman or you will regret it. I mean a woman that always has bad things to say about everyone. If you see this kind of woman, run away. One of the worst kind of woman you can marry is the one that complains about everything. If you buy this, she says you should have bought that, if you do this, she said you should have done that. Please stay away!
Most women enjoy talking but the one who talks for two hours and listen for two minutes is a potential ‘bomb’. Be wise
Be very careful of a pretending partner. A pretending woman is not hard to know. She will always know everything about everything, she will be careful. Just close your eyes and open your heart and you will see!
No woman is perfect. If you see a woman who believes in your dream , who respects you who is committed and who is not all about herself alone then don’t let her go.


PG: Content herein is harmful for young adults
It was just yesterdays, that we met…It’s been really “Real” right here for we. Thought this urge to just pursue other stuffs that came into my mind was real, but indeed it was just an urge.
Indeed some stuff shouldn’t be ignored at all. The awesome moments of truth just make the stars look beautiful outside. You imagine those days you are a little tipsy then, there it goes like ‘ba-am’.
You just sit there in awe feeling a pang of sorrow cutting through your heart like, ‘so good people still exist’. That pang I wanna name it most probably love for the benefit of doubt.
Put on that short dress that I like coz I just wanna have some fun, coz some nights are real and we feel like we young again.
I love Cookies by the way…if not so tender, so sweet, so munch and tasty… Cookies really humble my inner being. I was weak and just pretended to be me; cookies made me feel this way. Those upsetting ideas of it running out of stock are unbearable.
Trust something new tonight, am about to lose my mind. Am on top of my bar, am feeling you inside me. You got me speechless; you know what you did to me? You made it be real… try and stay young.
I just wanna feel your body on me. All that matters is your fine torso lying right there beside me making my heart beat cease cause you just fine and amazing.
Talk of your eyes that make me cry a river cause they just sparkle and shine some ray of aptitude on my mind…like are you for real…
(Gasping) Your body is so insane that the explanation I have given is past much of what I could call it. Damn “thang” you have a beautiful body.
Just imagine this dedication was real and me not out of my stupor of sleep after guzzling this kinywaji?
MMM AH, gani Leo.
To Cookie…