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Mama sat on her wood and raffia palm bed and pondered over what she had heard papa and his friend discuss. She hadn’t been too shocked at the discovery and quite frankly, she had half expected it. Hadn’t Papa made it clear, just some weeks after her conception, that he would take a new wife if this pregnancy turned out like the last two. Even though it hadn’t, a part of mama still expected the worst. What Papa really meant to say was “if you don’t give me a boy this time, I will have to take a new wife” and mama knew it all too clearly.
She knew when Eneojo came into the compound. She had heard voices and since papa hadn’t been talking much lately, she knew it had to be one of his closest friends that had come calling. She had tiptoed towards the main entrance and…

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So it has been quite a while mmm, i know so…
At times, do you ask yourself what i also do ask myself? Let me hope yes you do, world over, we have had criminals and not just that, bandits if i can put it so.🗿
I have read and watched movies📀 of this guy famously known as Pablo Escobar, jeez😈😈 this guy did things which usually amaze me and i would like to see guys who come from nothing and struggle all the way up to something (as commonly sung by Drake “Started from the bottom now we here”) :mrgreen::mrgreen:. That guy was a k♞ng in his own world.


Now focus here, Escobar was a bandit…he killed, lived flamboyantly and large, entwined in Sexual relationships with as many beautiful and popular women as he wished, not forgetting that he had a wife and kids at home.

Now, where does salt and bag come from? 😨😨 cool my guy 😎 i know, salt ehehehe, eazzy…
I like salt, and the power it has, not so certain of the science behind it but, salt is salt to me…it kills and makes it difficult for animals such as snails and insects such as house flies to have a rough time.
Salt is salt indeed,