So i think, maturity and originality should salvage us.

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Hi guys. How have you been? I had missed you. I have met some of you over the past couple of weeks and I am grateful for all of your good feedback and words of encouragement. I have had a crazy couple of weeks.What I have been up to? Mhhh! I have been coming up with concepts for the next couple of posts, I had a series of photo shoots with the talented Kabutha Kago. I spent a whole week with the #semanami crew, doing styling for the show’s presenter, Neomi Nganga, a radio personality, actress and TV personality.

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There is one thing i used to hear people say and indeed it was so difficult on them, judging by the looks on their visages, them talking about ulcers.
The morning pains, in between meals and the most of all the bachaches which tear through your waist joint as if a hot, sharp blade has been passed through the backbone is just too much to put one down, the vomiting, loss of appetite and indeed the bleeding.
Ulcers is indeed a really pain wieldered emblement.
It is indeed a real battle, cause the struggle is just out of place.
Then, the medication…yack!! The antacids have to be taken to ease pain and heal it. Did i mention how bitter the dosage drugs are?😭😭
With ulcers you have to do away with other dishes, you have to take clean water perhaps since unwashed hands, uncooked food lead to its spread.
The worse is, those in a relationship with the “bottle” have to do without it totally or reduce the intake to three bottles a day for men and two for women.
Smoking now is indeed worse. It can lead to cancer. And that makes it more worse.
Indeed, ulcers is unimaginable but so hard and painfull to deal with.
The pain is reall!!!! Avoid stress!!!  Laugh, be happy and keep tidy.
Real struggler and ulcer victim.
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Memories indeed surpases the inner gist of self.

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Damn! I still freaking want you
Seeing you today brought back all the past memories
Freaky memories to be precise
Memories of us, memories of our passion
Our desire, our craving
Memories of the wild pleasures
So right now a part of me wants to walk out into the heavy rain, to ask you to cancel your bus ticket and get ourselves into an abyss, where I’ll remind you exactly why you always screamed my name
Remind you of how your body is not only compelling but also a massive bundle of nerves waiting to be stimulated
Remind you of how much your body would be sent over the edge of deep rooting electrifying desire by a single touch
Remind you of how it felt each time our bodies touched, remind you of the warmness of my embrace and the tenderness of my caress
Remind you why you always pressed…

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