Probably i am more optimistic about what am about to bring your attention. By the way truth be told, jungle-themed photoshoot is one area i can term as a “hotbed” of ideas and creativity for models and photographers alike…i guess that has sunk in now??


I probably would say that nature is indeed hilarious in a way…(focus now:mrgreen::mrgreen:). Mixture of art, flowers, rocks, lake scenery and the woods. That is what i wanna tackle.


Feel the scent from the flowers? If not hilarious and full of nice scent on breathing it in, then i will assume you lack the sence of smell…sure, consult your Doc:o:o…(back here) doing a shoot in the wild and on this case we did it on a small thicket is one breath taking tusk. Love of flowers is indeed a one of a thing to analyze.


You know shoes are indeed one of the necessities for us beings in this century unlike our ancestors’ ages ago. This lady i would name below there👇👇 really intertwined that act of footwear, aren’t they amazing? Ofcourse they are. The shoe depict an animal texture and that combination with the greens, the rocks just makes this super awesome…


The vintage mixture and the beauty of landscape clearly makes it easy to know the exact potential of jungle photography. Let me throw this challenge, rocks have different forms, texture, color, sizes and originate from different ages. Now when the rock texture makes that shot ectastic then you will indeed know how theme works out wonders for a well planned photography session.


The humble background, the bold colors, the fine texture etc etc just makes it a wide range of creativity and actual beauty in appreciation of nature when dealing with a jungle theme. Try it out in a setting that is easier to handle and get back to me, informing me if i was indeed i was right.

Make sure to check my next article on more themes.
Big thanks to Clara for making this go through well.
Photography by; @van_albert_photography


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