Probably i am more optimistic about what am about to bring your attention. By the way truth be told, jungle-themed photoshoot is one area i can term as a “hotbed” of ideas and creativity for models and photographers alike…i guess that has sunk in now??


I probably would say that nature is indeed hilarious in a way…(focus now:mrgreen::mrgreen:). Mixture of art, flowers, rocks, lake scenery and the woods. That is what i wanna tackle.


Feel the scent from the flowers? If not hilarious and full of nice scent on breathing it in, then i will assume you lack the sence of smell…sure, consult your Doc:o:o…(back here) doing a shoot in the wild and on this case we did it on a small thicket is one breath taking tusk. Love of flowers is indeed a one of a thing to analyze.


You know shoes are indeed one of the necessities for us beings in this century unlike our ancestors’ ages ago. This lady i would name below there👇👇 really intertwined that act of footwear, aren’t they amazing? Ofcourse they are. The shoe depict an animal texture and that combination with the greens, the rocks just makes this super awesome…


The vintage mixture and the beauty of landscape clearly makes it easy to know the exact potential of jungle photography. Let me throw this challenge, rocks have different forms, texture, color, sizes and originate from different ages. Now when the rock texture makes that shot ectastic then you will indeed know how theme works out wonders for a well planned photography session.


The humble background, the bold colors, the fine texture etc etc just makes it a wide range of creativity and actual beauty in appreciation of nature when dealing with a jungle theme. Try it out in a setting that is easier to handle and get back to me, informing me if i was indeed i was right.

Make sure to check my next article on more themes.
Big thanks to Clara for making this go through well.
Photography by; @van_albert_photography



I morally and upwardly believe cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness and with this cleaning, comes fashion. Have you seen any dirty peep around, who is untidy and call that fashion? No, that is to mean fashion sence is to be creative, clean, wear what fits you well and make it glamorous.
I know of this guys, who just do that for me. Indeed, they are top notch in what they wear. Austine as most guys know him, is the guy whom i think puts on, and makes sure that look is wow.


This touch is just difficult for most of the guys to pull. Not everyone looks good in all white with and breaking it in bits with pieces of red, black and silver lining.
If its about suits, then am told this guy has what we call a fettish for suits. One thing i know is that suits talk more about who we are, suits answer people the questions and doubts they have about us, suits are not just a clothing, but a prequisite most guys have to deal with and for Austine, dealing with it is his daily bread and butter.


Now that is what i term, yes go zone just a few guys around.


Matching this is what keeps the fashion sence of this dude sizzling. And need i say that this dude has been Mr. KIM? That’s for you to research and know cause this brother knows how to rock it.


Follow this guy on his various social media pages and handles, to judge for yourself. Anyway worry not about my next article, cause its going to be peppery hotter…
Follow him on IG @starborn_bolo.

Thanks for alluding and commenting.


I probably met this guy sometime back, and talk of artwork….mmm yea his works are super gifted.
I know, that feeling going in your head right now♜♜♜♞ funny. Am talking about photography.
The guy am talking about is @van_albert_photography i tell you this guy does it with much positive energy that #clientsatisfaction makes it top of his lists.


Yea that is just the cooking point of his work that before you meet him, you will probably link him to advanced age, 👻👻 that aside this guy is young, passionate and his love for art is just out of this world.
Look at this amazing piece and find it in your heart, to explain to me that its not #clientsatisfaction🐽🐽


Most probably that piece is perfectly combined and allows room for creativity and what more could a client ask for if not for these…


Now i call that, super creativity. I term that perfectivity.
I dont want to quench all your thirst before we finish the long chit-chat.
Just follow his Instagram handle @van_albert_photography to check his work and @houseofmayom.
Sure client satisfaction should be a suitor to us all.
Photocredits: Albert Edwin.


The amazing piece


BY Wad Smyth​

Miss Nice,
I liked her walk,
Then her face left me blank,
Just an Hi! N she would smile,
Had to try but she could only offer a dance,
Her heart, not 4 menace,
I only talked because her beauty made me,
Knew i’d make a good man if she was willing to try,
Every time she said she was not sure or ready,
So I accepted the dance,
Din’t step on her toes,
Her hips din’t waste a chance 2 move to the music,
As we danced I told her the world,
But she wanted more than love… Had to check on that first.

As the music came to a stop,
I asked 4 her in contact,
She said no with a small no, that sounded like a joke, but No,
Then I asked 4 a survinear,maybe her dress-top,

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It is not easy to give back to the society, and it also takes a big and humble being to do so whole heartedly.
I repeat with lanconic pangs of hope, that wherever we are heading to, the universe probably needs as many Mother Teresas as possible.
Our young brothers and sisters are languishing in poverty, hunger, sickness, early pregnancies, lack of education etc and the fewer concerns and efforts to reduce this setbacks we get, the more massive problems we face.
Kenya particularly, we have the “digital era” problems. It has proved to be difficult for the set of leaders we have to get solutions.
I know of a number of young, energetic, passion-oriented and bright youths helping to curb the problems we facing now through the different fields they are in…
I can’t forget to thank them since, they are sending hot iron shivers down the spines of our greedy leaders with the massive good work they do.
I say and i say over again, Kenya is on the brink of an eclipse that is warming up and as soon as it gets ripe fully, the days of slumber will be gone for the few greedy leaders we have.
Kenya is not owned by a few, Kenya belongs to you, him, her, them and I. It is upon us, to raise up our heads and realise that the world is for us all to be accomodated in, and think of those school going girls who lack sanitary towels as our young sisters, think of those street children as our own, visit those in hospitals and do more and more to make it work for our system.
It is easier to do a lot through God’s guidance than to sit and wait for the guidance.
Lets throw the spanner to the works and realise later than never that, we going hard on this.


The Fourth Decade

Yea true

Amanda Mininger

One of my closest friends turned 40 today. I’ve been thinking about this one, trying to figure out why we put this much significance on a birthday, why we decorate this particular mile marker with lights and flowers and well-meaning phrases full of pith, borrowed from antiquity or Sex in the City, one of the two. I’ve had this conversation before with friends in their late 30s and early 40s, and we all say the same thing: “I don’t feel 40. I don’t know what it’s supposed to feel like, but whatever it is, I don’t feel it. Does it mean we have to wear longer skirts now?”

Whatever cause for contemplation there is, I’ll take the bait. I know that, at minimum, turning 40 gives us permission to take stock and see where we are, to ask of ourselves: What have I learned (if anything?) What have I…

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Jungle Photography

It is said that Kisumu hosts one of the best lake points and to that i attest. But till what end, does the sizzling and good manicured lawns and out of the range parks turn into the most talked about? Claboured the chance to portray the fusion between the jungle, lakeside and open air area to do a stand alone photography…
Believe you me, the results were as serene and epic…visit houseofmayom.instagram.com to find out